About Oehlbach

Connection Matters - Precision with passion.

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30 years warranty

High-quality cables for audio, video, data and power from Germany have a name: Oehlbach. On our cables we give 30 years guarantee beyond the legal guarantee. For around 45 years, Oehlbach from Cologne has been one of the leading companies in this important area of home entertainment, with...
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The Brand

Formerly Hi-Fi, then computers and finally home cinema or home entertainment: In the past decades, technology and consumer electronics have developed at an ever faster pace. A constant has remained for over 45 years. Then as now, Oehlbach supplies connections, components and accessories that give...
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45 years Oehlbach

The history of many great brands or companies begins with the idea of an individual who creates something new or raises the familiar to a whole new level - as does the 45-year history of Oehlbach. In 1974, company founder Manfred Oehlbach developed the first loudspeaker cables in various...
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Quality Promise

Oehlbach has many customers who all make different demands on the connections and components of their systems.