About Oehlbach

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Unique Home Entertainment - Unique 30 Year Warranty

High-quality cables for audio, video, data and power from Germany have a name: Oehlbach. On our cables we give 30 years guarantee beyond the legal guarantee. For around 45 years, Oehlbach from Cologne has been one of the leading companies in this important area of home entertainment, with outstanding product quality and constant innovations. Because first-class picture and sound quality depend to a large extent on the cables that connect the individual components and transmit their signals. With every cable that we have developed in recent decades, we have had one goal in mind: the optimum quality of picture or sound combined with a convincing price/performance ratio.

Appreciated by customers - awarded by experts

This philosophy, our products and innovations are well received. Customers trust in Oehlbach quality and always seek cables or other connection solutions for home entertainment first from us. National and international experts for consumer electronics, renowned product tests or the trade press repeatedly confirm this good choice with impressive ratings or test marks. They underline: Oehlbach regularly creates cables and related products whose quality is objectively measurable and perceptible. It goes beyond the individual perception or subjective quality of images and sounds. This quality reproduces image or sound as close to the original as technically possible.

Designed for the moment, built for a little eternity

Oehlbach creates experiences and moments of pure entertainment. However, we have designed the product quality for far more than just a few moments. It is made with high-class materials, detailed coordination and careful production for many years and even decades. This is another dimension of Oehlbach quality. We are convinced of its durability and longevity. This is exactly why we give our 30-year guarantee on all Oehlbach cables beyond the statutory warranty. From the date of purchase, we will replace any of our cables for 30 years that show a defect despite proper use.

Your satisfaction is our obligation

You will probably never have to make use of this 30-year warranty for Oehlbach cables, but for us it is a matter of course for your satisfaction with Oehlbach products. To this end we also commit ourselves to high quality standards in other areas: appropriate product availability and fast delivery times, secure payment options and processing, faultless, tested products and reliable shipping as well as individual, comprehensive personal advice from our Oehlbach experts for you at any time. You can rely on Oehlbach at any time - guaranteed.