About Oehlbach

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45 years of Oehlbach -

45 years of passion for innovation

The history of many great brands or companies begins with the idea of an individual who creates something new or raises the familiar to a whole new level - as does the 45-year history of Oehlbach. In 1974, company founder Manfred Oehlbach developed the first loudspeaker cables in various thicknesses, which immediately created a better hi-fi experience than the simple metal wires previously used for loudspeaker connections. His passion for innovation, which always makes the quality of image or sound transmissions a little bit better, became the DNA of our company. It is both a drive and a promise of quality - then, now and in the future of Oehlbach.

More than technology

Cable connections and accessories from Oehlbach create the conditions for outstanding images and sounds in home entertainment. In addition to the stories told there, it is the sensory impressions that make up a large part of the magic of films, series, music or video games. They create experiences and emotions that should not be clouded by technical limitations.

Quality first

Our customers find this claim in every Oehlbach product for home cinema, hi-fi, computer and electronics, power supply or mobile entertainment: from the state-of-the-art series, which explores the limits of what is possible with high-tech materials, to the Excellence series and the performance products, which also set new standards in the price-performance ratio.


That is why people all over the world trust Oehlbach products. This technology also convinces the experts again and again. A large number of positive test reports, some test winners, awards or prizes acknowledge our achievements both nationally and internationally. For us, this resonance from customers and experts is a great recognition and at the same time an obligation for the future to meet the highest demands again and again.


This also includes the partnership relationship with our customers. With the good decision for an Oehlbach product, our technology moves into your home and becomes an integral part of your everyday life for many years to come. Of course we are always there for you with dialogue and service - for example via our telephone service for all general and technical questions.

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