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Oehlbach Quality Promise and Selection Guide

Oehlbach has many customers, all of whom have different demands on the connections and components of their systems. There are those who simply want above-average technology at a very good price-performance ratio and are less concerned with the details. Others demand a bit more - for example, even better materials for even better signal transmissions that almost reach the limits of what is technically possible. And some even want us to realize this technically possible maximum for them and create unique products that define perfection and state-of-the-art in their field. You know what you want. To ensure that you always find the right product quickly online or in stores, we have created the Oehlbach Quality Promise. In one word, it defines the class of all Oehlbach products and at the same time allows you to more easily select suitable Oehlbach solutions for your home entertainment. Choose Performance, Excellence or State of the Art....

Easy Connect

The Easy Connect products open up the world of Oehlbach home entertainment accessories to beginners. Here you will find additional alternatives to the popular Performance series if you want to equip hi-fi, TV and other consumer electronics with high-quality Oehlbach cables and other accessories for the first time. Easy Connect shows you everything that has made Oehlbach so popular for over 45 years: innovative technology and selected components for maximum entertainment quality. For example, Easy Connect cables feature premium-quality, high-purity, oxygen-free OFC copper throughout all cables with electrical conductors. On each connector of the cables, you will find 24 carat gold-plated contact surfaces, which ensure high corrosion resistance and thus long durability of the cables from the Easy Connect series. We are absolutely convinced of this quality and durability and therefore guarantee it - with a 30-year manufacturer's warranty on the function of all Easy Connect cables. You can rely on these Oehlbach accessories at any time for many years and then experience the many advantages of Easy Connect and Oehlbach for yourself day after day.


The performance series marks the entry into the world of Oehlbach. At the same time, however, our performance products are anything but entry-level solutions, but offer you already outstanding performance with high-quality materials at an excellent price-performance ratio. What is otherwise regarded as premium is for us a standard for the performance label: for example, 24 carat gold-plated contact plugs or inner conductors made of OFC copper, which is elaborately produced without oxygen in order to make loss-free signal transmission possible due to its purity.


The Excellence class goes a long way further. Cable connections, for example, are built around an even higher quality silver-plated inner conductor, which can increase the transmission quality close to the optimum. We also equip these cables with a further increased shielding made of oxygen-free copper braiding and additionally shielded solid metal plugs or other strictly controlled components. Oehlbach Excellence products thus easily meet higher to very high demands for top-class home entertainment quality. They definitely play in the Champions League. But the favorite role there belongs to others:

State of the Art

Under the State of the Art label, Oehlbach shows everything that is technically possible at the moment. For automobiles, this performance class is called super sports car. Oehlbach calls it State of the Art. These products represent the latest state of technical development with all new innovations in connection technology for home entertainment. Inner conductors are made from high-purity, absolutely oxygen-free HPOCC copper. It is not drawn like other copper conductors, but cast in a special process. As a result, the last crystalline structures that could impair signal transmission disappear and monocrystalline copper is created as a perfect conductor. We manufacture suitable plug connections from solid metal and gild them with 24 carat gold to reduce losses or interference at the interfaces to an absolute minimum. At Oehlbach State of the Art there is one thing you can always rely on: More is impossible.