The Oehlbach Powersocket 907 is an absolutely high-quality processed multiple socket strip, which meets even upscale home audio and home video requirements. This power strip has a total of eight individual sockets, consisting of four digital (filtered) and four analog (unfiltered) sockets. Two separate groups of sockets, each consisting of two filtered and two unfiltered sockets, can also be connected. In addition, the Powersocket 907 offers the possibility to charge multimedia devices, such as MP3 players or tablet PCs, via two USB sockets. The two USB sockets are also controlled via the power switch. To ensure a phase-correct connection of the devices, the Powersocket 907 has phase markings on the individual sockets. The correct connection of the power strip to the mains is indicated by a red control light. This is the only way to effectively avoid potential equalization currents, which have a negative influence on picture and sound information. Very high-quality internal cabling with 2.1 mm² internal conductor cross-section, consisting of high-purity, oxygen-free copper as well as gold-plated, solid brass rails, always guarantees a stable power supply - always guaranteed even for components with high power requirements.

A power cable is included in delivery!



Inner conductor material
OFC - oxygen-free copper
Housing material
2 plug-socket groups (filtered / unfiltered) may be switched individually
Weight (gross)
2650 g
cable cross section
2.1 mm²
Mains voltage
230 V / 50 Hz
Operating voltage
230V / 50Hz
2 USB sockets for charging devices
Reliable contact
24kt gold plated contacts
Item no.