OEHLBACH´s Powersocket 908 is a multiple socket that is in a class of its own and that has been perfectly realized to satisfy even the highest of demands made at the top end of the segment. The multiple socket possesses a total of eight individual sockets – four digital (filtered) and four analogue (unfiltered) plug sockets. The Powersocket 908 possesses phase marks at the individual plug sockets and the correct connections are indicated by a red control lamp in order to ensure that the equipment´s phases are properly connected. This is the only way to effectively prevent potential-equalization currents from interfering with audio and image data. The inner conductor´s cross-section of 3.3 mm², which has been made from highly pure oxygen-free copper, constitutes genuine high-end inner cabling and will guarantee stable power supplies in any situation – even for components with high power requirements.

Power cord supplied with the delivery.



Inner conductor material
OFC - oxygen-free copper
Housing material
2 plug-socket groups (filtered / unfiltered) may be switched individually
Weight (gross)
2800 g
cable cross section
3.3 mm²
Mains voltage
230 V / 50 Hz
Operating voltage
230V / 50Hz
2 USB sockets for charging devices
Reliable contact
24kt gold plated contacts
Item no.