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High quality accessories for high-end home cinema & gaming

More and more people have set up a high-end home cinema with 4 K Ultra HD TV sets and room-filling sound. Here they enjoy series via streaming, movies with Blu-Rays or play on their consoles. Everything is designed for maximum picture and sound quality. Really everything? Or is there still something missing? The Oehlbach Highway HDMI® Switch or the Oehlbach HDMI® Splitter and Oehlbach State of the Art HDMI® Cable can further enhance the High End Home Cinema & Gaming experience.
How does the Oehlbach Highway Switch work? The Oehlbach Highway Switch connects three HDMI® input sources to just one HDMI® input of your TV. With the included Oehlbach remote control you can easily switch between the input sources and switch the 4K signal of the receiver, your Blu-Ray player or the gaming console to the TV screen as you like. To do this, the 3:1 HDMI® switch only needs to be set up briefly once or all devices connected there and then the switch connected to the TV. High-quality components inside the switch and 24 carat gold-plated connectors always ensure secure and loss-free transmission of the 4K signal from all connected sources. Despite all its powerful technology, this Oehlbach HDMI® switch remains incredibly compact: It measures just 165 x 50 x 20 millimeters in width, height and depth - with a light weight of only 280 grams.

More about the Highway Switch

The housing made of light, timelessly elegant grey aluminium contributes significantly to the low weight, which also provides optimum shielding from other disturbing signals. With this stylish, functional housing, you don't even have to hide the switch behind the cabinet or TV board. It's always worth seeing - just like its performance data. Standards such as 4K UHD with up to 60 Hz, HDR, Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD or HDCP 2.2: The small switch from Oehlbach masters them all and can be used from the sofa at the touch of a button at any time thanks to the included power supply.


TV manufacturers are often stingy with small things. For example, even with expensive 4K Ultra HD devices, the number of HDMI® connections is often tight. If you want to connect an external receiver or a set-top box with pay TV, a Blu-Ray player, a game console and maybe even a media player or something similar, you'll often work up a sweat, because many TVs don't have that many connection options. The Oehlbach Highway HDMI® Switch finally solves this problem - with optimal picture quality in 4K Ultra HD and frame rates of up to 60 Hz. 60 Hz at 4K may sound obvious, but in practice not all signal switches or HDMI® cables can handle this high frame rate. This is a clear advantage of the Oehlbach Highway Switch.


See double with the Oehlbach Highway Splitter

Surely you know this - friends are visiting and they want to watch the final of your favourite series together or there is a big soccer game on. On the sofa space can quickly become scarce and some guests prefer to avoid the dining table. Or perhaps some visitors would prefer to watch the show on the terrace outside on a warm summer evening. You can quickly set up a second TV or beamer anywhere, but with the signal source this becomes more difficult if, for example, you don't have another satellite connection for the football broadcast nearby ... Now you could use the Oehlbach Highway Splitter.

One 4K Ultra HD signal on two TVs or for TV and beamer at the same time

Let's stay at your soccer party. With the Oehlbach Highway Splitter, you simply connect the HDMI® signal of the satellite receiver to this HDMI® distributor and then supply two end devices via the two HDMI® outputs. This is how easy it is to split a single input signal onto two screens or a screen and a beamer. Selected technology and components in the splitter in conjunction with gold-plated connections - 24 carat - ensure that maximum UHD quality and a crystal-clear 2160p picture with HDR is received on both end devices during splitting - with the usual picture frequency of up to 60 Hz. For the perfect picture, the Oehlbach HDMI® distributor naturally also delivers the appropriate sound with Dolby Atmos, Dolby DTS or Dolby True HD and also DTS-HD MA, PCM and DSD. HDCP 2.2 is also supported.

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Despite its great performance, this Oehlbach splitter makes itself very small. When you pick it up, it is similar in size to an XL smartphone: 165 millimetres wide, 60 millimetres high and 25 millimetres deep. So it doesn't take up much space when you want to store it in a drawer until the next time you need the Oehlbach Highway HDMI® Splitter. Its elegant aluminum housing makes it weigh 380 grams and effectively protects the signal distribution inside from nearby sources of interference. An included power supply unit supplies the compact splitter for HDMI® with the necessary power. It works so simply that you don't really need a user manual here, but Oehlbach does include one. All you need now are the matching HDMI® cables for optimal connections between TV, beamer, signal sources, splitter or switch. Oehlbach has something very special for you!

XXL® Carb Connect MK II - the state of the art HDMI® cable

This HDMI® connection uses HPOCC®, a high-performance material made of monocrystalline, oxygen-free copper, as the conductor. It enables loss-free transmissions of all important standards for a perfect home cinema & gaming experience over distances of up to 20 meters. HPOCC® is practically the Rolls Royce for home entertainment. And with the special quadruple shielding of the Oehlbach XXL® Carb Connect MK II, no external interference can throw it off track. But the best is yet to come: The XXL® Carb Connect MKII has 24 carat gold-plated connections and is clad in a robust, noble black and white fabric jacket with many lengths between 0.75 and 20 meters and always 30 years warranty on top.

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Any high-end home cinema & gaming system is only as good as its components and especially the connections between the individual components. Whether 4K Ultra HD at up to 60 Hz, Dolby True HD or DTS HD - great pictures and the corresponding sound create huge amounts of data that have to be transferred at breakneck speed and without loss to create a top-class entertainment experience on the screen. This is impossible without powerful cable connections. And this is exactly what Oehlbach has developed the XXL® Carb Connect MK II for.