XXL® Cat 7 MP

CAT 7 network cable, halogen-free, by the metre

The CAT 7 network cable is a four-pair data cable for transmission frequencies over 600 MHz/1000 Mbit, two leads are each twin-stranded and shielded with an aluminium-coated film of plastic. All pairs are additionally shielded with a braid made from galvanized copper. The sheathing is halogen-free. The reduced cable diameter permits the use of RJ45 network plugs. The cable is characterized by very low skew values (5ns/100m).

  • frequency: 600 MHz, at 1000 Mbit halogen free
    double shielding inner conductor: twisted pair
    International – ISO/IEC 11802 European EN 50173, EN 50167, EN 50289
    German DIN 443 12-5
  • Inner conductor layout 8 x 0.56 mm
    Shielding quantity Effective dual shielding
    Inner conductors: quantity 4 pairs
    Insulation: thickness 0.45 mm
    Run-time difference 0.05 ns/Km
    Maximum tensile load 210 N
    Minimum bending radius 31 mm
    Flame test UL VW-1
    Shielding material 1 x aluminium foil + 1 x copper braid
    Outer cable diameter 5.8 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
XXL® Cat 7 MP 9096 1.00 m grey