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LS cable for bi-wiring with cable lugs

1 pair of speaker cables

Fusion Four


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2 x cable lug 2 x cable lug
4 x cable lug 4 x cable lug


This extra-class bi-amping loudspeaker cable preassembled with "Fusion" lugs continues to set standards for high-fidelity sound. This cable has been specially designed with hi-fi purists in mind and it offers a sophisticated technical concept in addition to a particularly discrete product design. The material used for the inner conductor consists of high-purity, oxygen-free HPOCC copper. Monocrystalline-like transitions are achieved within the copper thanks to the unique HPOCC manufacturing process applied. The cable has been structured to rigorously separate the treble and bass transmission routes and thus achieves a unique quality of transmission. Each of the twelve individually insulated copper wires has been wrapped in wafer-thin copper foil. This unique concept in cable construction requires a tremendous degree of precision in the manufacturing process with the main aim of achieving a time delay correction between the high and low frequencies. The low frequencies prefer the more solid inner conductor while the high frequencies tend to move along the surface at greater speeds. The combination of the inner conductor and foil results in an unprecedented natural and dynamic sound.

HPOCC Inside
30-year guarantee tea


Cable diameter
13 mm
Inner conductor material
HPOCC® – mono-crystalline oxygen-free copper inner conductor
cable geometry
Connector material
solid metal plug
Rigorous separation of signal routes
Stereo speaker cable
Made in Germany
24kt gold plated contacts
30 years warranty
Weight (gross)
1454 g
Item no.