High end banana connector for speakers

1.5 mm² to 6.0 mm², EIS 50 pieces

Fusion Banana

€10.99 pro Stck



Premium banana connector for assembling the innovative Oehlbach FUSION speaker cable or comparable high-quality speaker cables. The connector ensures the optimal and convenient connection of speaker cables to speaker boxes and electronic components, such as AV receivers or amplifiers. Due to the particularly innovative double screw connection, this very high-quality Oehlbach connector ensures a secure contact and excellent transmission quality in every situation. With a solid, fully insulated body, unwanted short circuits are effectively eliminated. The connector contacts are 24 carat gold-plated and the cable feed is suitable for conductor cross-sections up to 6.0 mm². For optimal assembly, we recommend the use of high-quality ferrules.


Weight (gross)
13 g
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