Bluetooth® 5.0: Oehlbach BTR XTreme 5.0 & BTR Evolution 5.0

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Bluetooth® 5.0 transmitter/receiver

BTR Xtreme 5.0 & BTR Evolution 5.0

With the new Bluetooth® 5.0 standard, you will experience radio transmission in unprecedented quality and on two output devices simultaneously. Thanks to aptX HD, you can transmit sound in CD quality and, thanks to the low-latency function, you will not notice any delay. aptX HD is the first Bluetooth® 5.0 device to be available online and in specialist shops from July 2020.

Bluetooth® 5.0 transmitter/receiver

With Oehlbach's BTR Evolution 5.0 audio knows no more boundaries

We call it Evolution 5.0 as a consistent further development of the Bluetooth possibilities. Oehlbach's BTR Evolution 5.0 is a Bluetooth transmitter or receiver in an elegantly designed and high-quality packaged design. You will find two Toslink connectors as optical input and output next to a 24 carat gold plated HiFi stereo RCA connector for analogue connections, which you can also use for jack to RCA connections. Complement for classic HiFi or digital entertainment - with the BTR Evolution 5.0 everything is possible. Send music streaming from your smartphone via Bluetooth to the powerful stereo or surround sound system or use the opposite way to bring sonorous home entertainment sound to Bluetooth headphones, for example. In addition, the Oehlbach BTR Evolution 5.0 has even more possibilities. Do you like to enjoy everything as a couple? Then simply activate a second audio connection here and share your audio or music enjoyment on two headphones or even two independent active Bluetooth speaker systems.

Excellent sound and perfect finish in silver or red

The BTR Evolution 5.0 comes with everything you need for maximum Bluetooth quality: aptX HD for CD-quality sound and aptX Low Latency for delay-free sound that you can't tell from cable transmissions. This sound is easy to hear and Oehlbach's BTR Evolution 5.0 convinces every eye with a perfect design - always with a simple black cover including Oehlbach branding and optionally with red or silver frame. So the Oehlbach BTR Evolution 5.0 can be heard and seen everywhere. The stationary BTR Evolution 5.0 can either be connected directly to the power supply with the included USB power adapter or powered by a compatible USB port of your HiFi system. The car coupling allows you to enjoy your music or other audio content in no time.


Lite magazine says "upper class"

The Lite magazine has tested our BTR Evolution 5.0 extensively and rated it with 89 of 90 points as "top class". Please feel free to download the test as PDF.


Mobile Bluetooth® 5.0 transmitter/receiver

BTR XTreme 5.0

Here comes a powerful update for all stereo systems, amplifiers, turntables, TVs or PCs. With the Oehlbach BTR XTreme 5.0, each of these devices finally gets modern connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, working for you either as a transmitter or receiver via a 3.5 millimeter jack connector. For example, you can transfer music from a stereo system to your Bluetooth headphones or, in the other direction, send music from streaming services on your smartphone or tablet to the stereo system and its speakers. With the push of a button, the BTR XTreme 5.0 2-in-1 Bluetooth audio adapter changes its operating mode in a flash for this purpose.

The Oehlbach BTR XTreme 5.0 is small but powerful: With the aptX HD codec from Qualcomm, it gives the sound CD quality in every direction. It also supports the codec version aptX Low Latency, if it can communicate with compatible devices, in order to reduce the delay in Bluetooth transmission to imperceptible values of less than 40 ms in addition to the sound quality. This even works with two simultaneously paired devices in both operating modes, or even on the road. Because with a weight of only 18 grams, very compact dimensions and a battery life of up to 12 hours, the Oehlbach BTR XTreme 5.0 accompanies you effortlessly everywhere. This Bluetooth audio adapter with its 250 mAh battery is then charged via USB. A full charge takes only about two hours. In the meantime, you don't have to do without your music, because the BTR XTreme 5.0 receives or sends via Bluetooth - USB cable for charging and 3.5mm jack cable are placed in the BTR XTreme 5.0 packaging box together with the device and operating instructions.