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The weekly magazine stern counts the Oehlbach company as one of Grundig's heirs - the decades-long flagship for consumer electronics made in Germany. With its cables, technology and more, Oehlbach still stands for innovative, high-quality home entertainment and manufactures a large part of its products in Germany.


From vision to big player

The history of many great brands begins with the idea of one individual - and so does Oehlbach's 45-year history.

A real family business

It all started in 1974. Back then, company founder Manfred Oehlbach developed the first Oehlbach speaker cable. The very premiere was the first innovation: a solid speaker cable in various thicknesses instead of the simple metal wires for speaker connection that were common at the time. The new Oehlbach speaker cable was immediately well received by hi-fi enthusiasts. From the living rooms, Oehlbach soon took its cables to the streets as well. In the eighties, Oehlbach cables were among the most sought-after in the car hi-fi sector. It was also at this time that one of the company's trademarks was created - connectors gold-plated with 24 caratfor maximum corrosion resistance and thus optimum conductivity over many years.

Even after more than 45 years...

The values of the company have remained unchanged.

We continue to stand for durability - reliability - competence andindividual solutions.

The longevity of our products results from the use of high-quality materials and components. Our cables are characterized by optimal shielding, gold-plated contacts and bend protection. In case of any questions or problems, we will be at your side. In case of technical challenges, the concentrated competence of our engineers is at your disposal. Because with us you will not be advised by a customer center on the phone, but you will be in direct contact with our product managers and technical experts. This enables us to find the ideal individual solution for everyone.


Innovations - Made in Germany

The willingness to constantly develop.

Quality & innovations without compromise

This was always the maxim of founder Manfred Oehlbach and it is still the most important principle of the company today. Oehlbach always focuses on the most important home entertainment components and key innovations. In this way, each product succeeds in focusing fully on its possibilities and its quality. At the same time, Oehlbach has always been able to retain its character as a family business - a company where everyone still knows everyone and where genuine personal cooperation is an integral part of the corporate culture.


No compromise in quality & durability.

Oehlbach - More than a Brand.

Even after more than 45 years, millions of customers worldwide trust in our products.

Whether home users, small and large companies , or even the automotive industry - even today, there is no way around our cables. Banana, RCA or cable lugs as connectors - Oehlbach has them all and in all combinations or variants up to fiber optics or monocrystalline oxygen-free copper conductors according to the highest quality standards. Our categories such as Easy Connect, Performance, Excellence or State of the Art describe the dimensions that can be expected from every Oehlbach cable. In the end, every sound generator and every sound source only sounds as good as the cable quality that connects it to loudspeakers or amplifiers. Oehlbach ensures that these connections are always flawless and of the highest standard.

Quality products - Developed in Germany

The Oehlbach range

As a German quality company, with today's headquarters in beautiful Cologne, we are committed to always offer our customers the highest possible quality. So you will find in all our products - as a minimum requirement - among other things, high-purity OFC copper, a solid shielding and even on our Performance Series cables get a warranty of up to 30 years.

Today our assortment covers many different categories. So we carry today, among other things, high-quality HDMI cables, speaker cables, DVB-T2 / DAB+ antennas, headphone stands / and accessories, audio / video electronics and NF cables. Of course, we remain, in all assortment areas, true to our high quality promise and always offer you the best possible quality, at a reasonable price.