30-year warranty

Oehlbach: Synonymous with quality 

Oehlbach is the central brand for high-quality audio and video cables in Germany. And with good reason. For nearly 40 years, the company based in Pulheim near Cologne has not only stood for outstanding product quality, but also genuine innovation. Oehlbach designs and manufactures high-quality cables that transmit all audible and visually perceptible details from high-quality audio and video components. It is very important to us to offer practical and technologically meaningful solutions as a company that serve just one purpose: To provide high-quality electronic components with equally high-quality cable connections and to achieve optimum sound and picture. And that at a perfect price-performance ratio. The trade press and specialists continuously confirm to us the superior quality of Oehlbach cables. In countless international tests, Oehlbach cables have been evaluated and well-rated by experts. 

What does "quality" in consumer electronics mean? 

The range of personal feelings in terms of what has been heard and seen is subjective and individual. Time and again, however, we have been able to implement product improvements through research and development that actually make up measurable and noticeable differences. We are committed to quality, to come as close as possible in cable technology to the original without compromise. 


30-year warranty 

By the use of high-quality materials and the high quality standards in production, we are able to offer our customers a unique warranty on all cables: Beyond the warranty required by law, Oehlbach will replace any cable in the event of a defect despite proper handling over a period of 30 years. 



The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority! 

As manufacture of high-quality innovative products, we meet the highest quality standards for product manufacturing, sales and service. We also expect this level of quality from our commercial partners who should give you confidence when making a purchase through: 

- Adequate product availability & short delivery times
- secure payment processing 
- Flawless products through proper storage & shipping 
- High consultation skills