Pro In - Multimedia everywhere

The Oehlbach PRO IN system brings multimedia in absolute perfection in every room without having to compromise on aesthetics with visible cables. The series includes a modular program of mounting frames, multimedia trays and high-quality Oehlbach cables that allow nearly all conceivable configurations for in-house networking. The brand new MediaCenter completes the Pro In system.

To ensure visually appealing configurations, multimedia required the use of a WLAN until now and the user was stuck with the associated performance and quality limitations. Our opinion? The pure original quality of the transmitted signals at the end of the transmission path counts. And nothing else

HDMI®, for example, is an interface for transferring audio and video signals simultaneously as well as the HDCP encoding for the copy protection available for many HD signals. This is only possible when maximum quality is used with ultimate technological and physical know-how. In fact, HDMI® cables offer the required performance, but are aesthetically undesirable.

Even oversized cable ducts offer no alternative because until now, HDMI® cables with the respective ready-made connectors have only been available in prefabricated lengths. Either too short or too long! PRO IN from OEHLBACH® is the answer for those who refuse to sacrifice the aesthetics of the room for pure, undiluted multimedia pleasure.

All PRO IN cables are halogen-free, flame retardant and made of high-quality materials such as silver-plated OFC copper or ultra-pure, monocrystalline HPOCC copper. The matching connectors and adapters are plated in 24 carat gold and provide low contact resistance. The show stopper? All PRO IN HDMI® cables are available by the metre with self-assembly connectors. If a span of 50 m or more is required, the network extender from Oehlbach® makes additional sizes available. Ideally suited for installation are the current 19-pin MultiLine cables with screw-on HDMI® adapters and inserts that offer an Ethernet connection in addition to the high-speed HDMI connection – and that with a connector external diameter of just 16 mm!

PRO IN – The multimedia installation series. An efficient installation program that has made it its mission to finally simplify multimedia installation: Visually discreet, at the highest level of technical transmission with minimal installation effort.