The Oehlbach promise of quality: From three to five stars

In principle, Oehlbach cable components and accessories are sub-divided into three clearly defined quality levels. The various levels are indicated by their star rating, which ranges from 3-star to 5-star XXL quality. Interested hi-fi or home cinema enthusiasts need only follow this star rating to find the right cable for their individual requirements! 

Auch bei der 3-Sterne-Qualität setzt Oehlbach die Messlatte ganz oben an.

3-star quality 

Three stars at Oehlbach stands for a quality category, for which terms such as price-performance ratio unfortunately cannot be used – the lowest price does not represent high quality! Here are a few features: All contact points in the 3-star category are 24 carat gold-plated, oxygen-free copper wires (OFC) are used as leads without compromise and the sheaths are made of OFC copper. Scart cables are always fully wired and therefore RGB-capable. For the 3-star category from Oehlbach, the following also applies: The bar is set high – a certain difference can immediately be heard and seen! 


Die 4-Sterne-Qualität erfüllt im Vergleich zu Mitbewerber-Produkten bereits höchste Ansprüche.


4-star quality 

For others, the absolute performance peak is the 4-star quality, a category that can only be surpassed by Oehlbach itself – compared to competitor products, the 4-star quality fulfils the highest requirements! What exactly do four Oehlbach stars represent? Generally, silver-plated inner conductors, excellent sheaths made of silver-plated, oxygen-free copper, strictly tested components to a patented dual-interference technology (developed by Oehlbach), as well as screened and double coated plugs … Hear and see at a luxury V.I.P. level! 


Als Zeichen Ihrer Perfektion tragen Oehlbach-Produkte mit 5-Sterne-Qualität auch die Bezeichnung XXL.


5-star quality XXL quality made by Oehlbach 

At OEHLBACH, high-end represents top-class, cutting edge technology within the realms of what is possible at this time. Little to improve in terms of quality in our opinion, we can assuredly speak of the ultimate in connection technology for consumer electronics of all types. In general, only ultra-pure, monocrystalline HPOCC copper (patented) or pure silver is used. To effectively minimize transfer resistance and interference with XXL® RCA cables, for example, we use 24 carat gold-plated high-precision contacts with a zinc die-cast full-metal plug. The 5-star qualities of Oehlbach products also bear the XXL series designation as an indication of their perfection. Keep an eye out for it!

Does it get any better? Clearly no!