Oehlbach – the Idea

The journey is the destination

The path from signal to image or sound is decisive to perceived quality. Designing this path so that it is pure and fast and without loss – that's what Oehlbach has stood for over the last 40 years. The company has through its own developments made major contributions to the journey into the digital world of sounds and vision.

Research and Development

The increasingly fast technical development of data-carrier dimensions and local data storage demands faster data routes that remain reliable over extended distances. Oehlbach is able to satisfy this need and in the technical evolution of connecting technologies has again and again been able to create development highlights that others are unable to achieve. The Oehlbach team is proud to be the manufacturer of the best products on the market – products that are only limited by the laws of physics.

Simply the best:

Oehlbach's top quality

It is only Oehlbach that is pursuing the ambition of transporting signals from source to output without any kind of technical loss in quality with such commitment and dedication. Those who purchase Oehlbach cables may be assured that they have bought the best that is available on the market.

Oehlbach service

Products made-to-measure

Customised lengths and production. The difference lies in the detail. Or to be more precise: in accurately measured centimetres, in the additional metres or in that one plug that is supposed to be on the other cable! We’re talking about customer service. At Oehlbach, customer service has simply been part of the standard service for years. Our promise to you: All cables and plugs in the OEHLBACH® range (which feature the measuring tape symbol) can be customised by the OEHLBACH® team to your needs – without any ifs and buts!