HI Stream

Triple shielded CAT6 network cable for absolutely error-free audio/video transmission

The HI Stream CAT 6 network cable from Oehlbach is the number one choice for lightning fast and absolutely error-free audio/video transmission in a home network. The highly flexible cable with triple shielding and an internal OFC conductor guarantees loss-free data throughput over distances up to 20 m. The HI Stream is equipped with gold-plated contacts for perfect contact reliability and transmission stability, while PVC sheathing ensures that the network cable is extremely tough.


  • RJ-45 (Ethernet)
  • RJ-45 (Ethernet)

Signal Type

  • Data

Signal Direction

  • Bi-Directional

  • 24- carat gold-plated contacts 10BaseT
    Solid metal plug with silicon-pin Individually insulated copper wires
    Individually insulated copper wires separate stranded copper strings
    triple shielding OFC – oxygene free copper
    highly flexible cable inner conductor: twisted pair
    Reliable contact Copper
    loss-free signal transmission
  • Cable sheathing PVC
    Shielding material 2 x aluminium foil + 1 x copper braid
    Shielding material 2 x aluminium foil + 1 x copper braid
    Plug design Enclosed plastic plug
    Cable geometry Round
    Plug type straight

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
HI Stream 75 9380 0.75 m white
HI Stream 120 9381 1.20 m white
HI Stream 170 9382 1.70 m white
HI Stream 220 9383 2.20 m white
HI Stream 320 9384 3.20 m white
HI Stream 510 9385 5.10 m white
HI Stream 750 9386 7.50 m white
HI Stream 1000 9387 10.00 m white
HI Stream 1500 9388 15.00 m white
HI Stream 2000 9389 20.00 m white