Scope Vision Outdoor Adapter

Flexible mounting adapter for the Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor antenna

The flexible mounting adapter has been developed exclusively for the Scope Vision Outdoor DVB-T2 HD antenna and guarantees a secure grip on smooth surfaces thanks to its solid suction mount. Specially designed for outdoor installation, the antenna is equipped with a low-noise amplifier that ensures the best possible reception of DVB-T2 signals. The adapter also features an integrated flexible rod that allows the angle of the antenna to be infinitely adjusted, thereby enabling perfect alignment.

  • Suction mount for flexible attachment on all smooth surfaces Flexible rod for infinite angle adjustment
  • Scope of delivery Adapter for Scope Vision Outdoor antenna
    Dimensions 270 x 70 x 70 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Scope Vision Outdoor Adapter 17222 0.00 Stck. black