Acrylic glass headphone stand

This chic acrylic glass over/on-ear headphone stand from Oehlbach allows you to present your headphones in a stylish manner. The stand, which is available in various colours, ensures even large and heavy over-ear headphones can be stored securely. It presents your headphones exquisitely while ensuring they are readily to hand at all times. The flattened side sections ensure the weight of the headphones is evenly distributed, thereby maintaining their original level of comfort. The HP stand is available in two different designs: black and transparent.

  • Weight 0,3 kg
    Material acrylic glass
    Dimensions 110 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
HP Stand 35400 1.00 Stck. black
HP Stand 35401 1.00 Stck. transparent