Easy Case

Silicone case for in-ear headphones, 4.5 cm diameter

The 3-star Easy Case is the ideal storage solution for cables or in-ear headphones - both at home and on the road. The hinged, spherical shaped case is extremely lightweight and very compact, yet it offers ample space for in-ear headphones and their cables. The silicone case can naturally also be used for storing other headphones cables - with everything neatly wound inside. The high degree of rigidity of the silicone material provides the headphones with an impact-resistant barrier, meaning they are perfectly protected in your rucksack or bag. Your in-ear headphones can be removed quickly and easily from the case and used straight away.

  • Weight 0,03 kg
    Height 32 mm
    Diameter 68 mm
    Casing material plastic

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Easy Case 35025 2.00 Stck. Blue
Easy Case 35026 2.00 Stck. green
Easy Case 35027 2.00 Stck. black
Easy Case 35028 2.00 Stck. orange