Alu Style

Headphone stand made of aluminium

The Oehlbach Alu Style offers material-friendly storage for headphones and focuses attention on the headphone model through its exclusive industrial design. With the two different designs in “matt black” and “lunar grey”, there is flexibility with regard to choice of colour and it is easy to find the matching version for your own headset. The even weight distribution ensured by the headphone stand guarantees that strong pressure is not exerted on the device, either on the headband or the ear pads. This means the original wear comfort is completely retained and your favourite headphones are presented in their full splendour.

  • Exclusive design Material-friendly storage for headphones
  • Weight 0,325 kg
    Material aluminium
    Dimensions 130 x 225 x 140 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Alu Style 35407 1.00 Stck. Matt black
Alu Style 35409 1.00 Stck. Lunar Grey