Alu Style - Gold

Headphone stand made of aluminium

Music lovers can now show off their over-ear or on-ear headphones perfectly with the Alu Style – Gold headphone stand made of aluminium. The exclusive design in a “sand gold” finish provides the perfect surroundings for high-quality headphone models. Bedded on a leather base, material-friendly storage is guaranteed for the respective model, regardless of whether it is a very compact or generously dimensioned headset. The headband and ear pads of the headphones are not subjected to any increased stress, ensuring that maximum wear comfort is maintained over a long period of time. Despite the material-friendly and secure storage, the headphones are always immediately within reach thanks to the exposed position on the Alu Style – Gold headphone stand.

  • Exclusive design Material-friendly storage for headphones
    Leather base
  • Weight 0,325 kg
    Material aluminium
    Dimensions 130 x 225 x 140 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Alu Style - Gold 35408 1.00 Stck. Sand gold