In Silence

Universal headphone stand

The handmade headphone stand, which is a slightly modified version of the original Oehlbach head, provides a perfect place for storing your high quality over/on-ear headphones. The "in Silence" symbolizes the attributes of pure listening pleasure via headphones and places the model at the center of attention. The specific design of the 5-star headphone stand provides secure storage for your headphones, while simultaneously ensuring they are always at hand. The weight and size of your headphones are irrelevant. Thanks to its impressive dimensions, however, the "in Silence" is particularly suitable for larger headphones. The Oehlbach head has been designed in such a way to minimize the strain on the padding of your headphones. This ensures their original level of comfort is maintained. The "in Silence" is available in a black and white finish.

  • robust, universal headphone stand individual, timeless design
    100% handmade
  • Weight 2,8 kg
    Material Synthetic resin
    Dimensions 340 mm x 310 mm x 250 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
In Silence 35404 1.00 Stck. black
In Silence 35405 1.00 Stck. white