Scream Anniversary

Special anniversary edition of the tried and tested Scream Anniversary

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Oehlbach is launching a special edition of its tried and tested "Scream Anniversary". The reconstruction of the original Oehlbach head consists of synthetic resin and is completely handmade. Its unconventional finish catches the eye immediately and makes the "Scream Anniversary" an exceptional object. Furthermore, the anniversary model is only available in a limited edition. Otherwise, the "Scream Anniversary" offers all of the advantages provided by the XXL HP Stand and ensures secure storage of your headphones while maintaining their original level of comfort. The weight and size of your headphones are irrelevant.

  • robust, universal headphone stand individual, timeless design
    100% handmade
  • Weight 1,3 kg
    Material Synthetic resin
    Dimensions 255 mm x 230 mm x 170 mm

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Scream Anniversary 35406 1.00 Stck.