XXL® Series 80 M

Optical digital cable, by the metre

Absolutely quality-built fibre-optic cable for optical-digital audio connections between individual home-cinema components. The digital cable´s patented design with 217 individual fibre-optic conductors generates highest luminosity and allows data to be transmitted at rates of up to 125 Mbps (megabit/second). The standard for the transmission of multi-channel sound formats using optical TOSLINK interfaces only specifies transmission rates of 12.8 Mbps! The matching TOSLINK "XXL Series 80 CO" plug is perfect for assembling this innovative Oehlbach cable.

  • Ultra-thin individual wires highly flexible cable
  • Inner conductor material Fiber-Optic
    Inner conductor layout 217 individual wires
    Cable sheathing plastic

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Series 80 M 1390 1.00 m Blue