UHD Repeater

Compact signal amplifier for lossless AV transmission over long distances via HDMI

The huge 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution and the extensive amount of data that is required for Ultra HD/4K content have given rise to enhanced requirements for signal transmission. Even high-quality cables are no longer sufficient for transmitting AV signals to a TV or projector without errors occurring, especially when it comes to spanning long distances. In this case, it is worthwhile investing in a repeater. This is a compact adapter that amplifies the digital signals from the source device, such as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, a modern gaming console or a powerful computer, before routing them to the device where the image is reproduced. The Oehlbach UHD Repeater, which is equipped with 24-carat gold-plated HDMI 2.0 ports, is simply connected between the two cables. The lightweight adapter, which weighs in at just 27 g, is housed in a cobalt blue continuous cast aluminum housing that ensures excellent shielding properties. A blue function LED is also integrated, while power is supplied via the connected device. The Oehlbach UHD Repeater supports 4K/Ultra HD signals at up to 60 frames per second with a full YUV 4:4:4 resolution. Cable lengths of up to 25 meters can be realized in combination with high-quality cables (e.g. the Oehlbach XXL Carb 15 m + 10 m or the Oehlbach Black Magic 10 m + 5 m).

  • Passive HDMI repeater HDMI ports with 24-carat gold-plated contacts
    Up to 4K@60Hz (YUV 4:4:4) image resolution HDMI 2.0 Version
    HDCP 2.2 Version Continuous cast aluminum housing for enhanced shielding
    Temperature range: -15 to +50 °C Oehlbach XXL Carb 15 m + 10 m / 4K@60Hz Oehlbach Black Magic 10 m + 5 m / 4K@60Hz

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
UHD Repeater 6046 1.00 Cobalt blue