Matrix Evolution

High Speed HDMI® cable with ethernet

High-speed HDMI®cable with optimized plug design for perfect handling and safe connections. The additional data channel (Ethernet channel) allows Internet-enabled AV components, e.g. Blu-ray players and AV receivers, to be connected without the need for additional network cables. An inner conductor made from silver-plated copper (SPC) with triple shielding guarantees loss-free signal transmissions. The 24-carat gold-plated metal plugs create absolutely safe and reliable contacts in all application situations. They are also responsible for extremely effective protection against corrosion. In terms of material and aesthetics, this high-quality four-star cable comes complete with a durable and particularly flexible fabric sheathing and soundly built full-metal connectors. The cable fully supports "HDMI high-speed" up to lengths of 20 metres!


  • HDMI
  • HDMI

Signal Type

  • Video
  • Audio

Signal Direction

  • Bi-Directional

  • 4K Ultra HD at 50/60 Hzxxx 18 GBit/s data rate
    CEC 2.0 21:9 cinema image format
    5.1 DTS HD Dolby True HD
    ARC - Audio Return Channel 32 digital audio channels
    24- carat gold-plated contacts 3D TV at 4 K resolution
    30/36/48-bit Deep Color High-Speed-HDMI®-cable
    Full HD – Video x.v.Color – Additional Color Space
    triple shielding Solid full-metal plug
    SPC - silver-plated copper HDMI CEC Automated A/V Control
    HEC - HDMI® with Ethernet channel Ultra HD
  • Resolution 4K + 2K - 2160p/ 60 Hz
    Inner conductor material SPC/OFC - silver-plate oxygen-free copper
    Shielding quantity triple shielding
    Plug type straight
    Plug material solid metal plug

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Matrix Evolution 75 42500 0.75 m black
Matrix Evolution 120 42501 1.20 m black
Matrix Evolution 170 42502 1.70 m black
Matrix Evolution 220 42503 2.20 m black
Matrix Evolution 320 42504 3.20 m black
Matrix Evolution 510 42505 5.10 m black
Matrix Evolution 750 42506 7.50 m black
Matrix Evolution 1000 42507 10.00 m black
Matrix Evolution 1200 42508 12.00 m black
Matrix Evolution 1500 42509 15.00 m black
Matrix Evolution 1800 42510 18.00 m black
Matrix Evolution 2000 42511 20.00 m black