Easy Connect SE2000

Euro-AV cable (SCART)

Audio/video connection with well-shielded inner conductors (fully wired) and doubly moulded plugs – contacts plated with 24-carat gold for good protection against corrosion.


  • EuroAV
  • EuroAV

Signal Type

  • Video

Signal Direction

  • Bi-Directional

  • 24- carat gold-plated contacts double shielding
    Robust plastic sheathing
  • Cable sheathing plastic
    Shielding quantity Effective dual shielding
    Shielding material 2 x aluminium foil + 1 x copper braid
    Plug design Enclosed plastic plug
    Cable geometry Round
    Plug type Angled

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Easy Connect SE2000 5702 1.50 m black