XXL® MasterClock

High-End USB Data Regenerator

An accurate and stable clock as well as an interference-free power supply are the essentials of a high-quality USB connection. The XXL MasterClock completely regenerates the USB data signal and provides connected devices with a pure, jitter-free data stream with ultra-precise clock speed. Thanks to the absolutely clean power supply guaranteed by a high-quality Class 1 switch mode power supply, the performance of connected devices is optimised to the maximum. The device is ideally suited to amplifiers and digital/analogue as well as analogue/digital converters and offers very flexible set-up thanks to its compact dimensions.

Available from september

  • Many diverse setup options and flexible use Completely newly generated USB data signal and impedance matching for the DAC
    Ultra-precise cycle/clock Maximisation of the performance of the connected devices
    Ideal for amplifiers, analogue/digital - digital/analogue converters Gold-plated contacts for perfect signal transmission
    Very high-quality Class 1 switch-mode power supply
  • Scope of delivery Manual
    Scope of delivery XXL Master Clock
    Scope of delivery USB A/B cable 15 cm
    Scope of delivery 7.5V AC/DC power adapter, power cable
    Permissible relative humidity: 5 - 95 %
    Temperature range: 5-50°C

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
XXL® MasterClock 13904 0.00 Stck. metallic brown