Audio Linear 8

Galvanic separation filter

The Audio Linear 8 galvanic filter helps eliminate potential interference factors when connecting all components, such as a record player or subwoofer. Many years of experience and a technological leading edge have enabled Oehlbach to perfect filter technology and the company now stands for absolutely loss-free and unprocessed routing of the audio signal for optimum reproduction and maximum listening pleasure. As a galvanic separation filter, the Audio Linear 8 assumes the role of eliminating all sheath or surge currents reliably and effectively.


  • 2xRCA
  • 2xRCA

  • Galvanic isolation for potential-free audio connection Efficient elimination of ground loops
    Audio signals redirected 1:1
  • Output impedance 12 k Ohm
    Weight 92 g
    Permissible relative humidity: 5% to 90%
    Temperature range: 0°C-40°C
    Input impedance 12 k Ohm
    Dimensions 63 x 26,5 x 73 mm

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Audio Linear 8 9052 1.00 Stck. metallic brown