XL Air Absorb

Premium resonance damper

Perfectly made vibration damper for acoustically insulating high-quality hi-fi loudspeaker boxes and home-cinema systems. They reliably prevent the transmission of undesirable resonance frequencies from the loudspeaker case to floor. These high-quality Oehlbach resonance dampers may, of course, also be used for other components within hi-fi and home-cinema systems.

  • effective resonance suppressor rubber contact surface
    Max. load bearing capacity 25 kg Solid metal
  • Height 31.0 mm
    Diameter 41.5 mm
    Material Full metal
    Maximum load capacity 70 Kg

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
XL Air Absorb 55047 4.00 Stck. Chrome
XL Air Absorb 55046 4.00 Stck. gold