XXL® Air Cylinder

Premium resonance damper with air-damping

These innovative shock absorbers have been designed to effectively insulate sensitive audio equipment from the floor. Vibrations that would otherwise negatively affect the sound have no chance thanks to a particularly innovative design that uses no mechanical spring elements whatsoever. Two precision-made metal cylinder halves contain the specified air volume whereby two precisely fitted silicone rings create a complete hermetic seal for the two chambers. The rubberized rests help create a reliable connection to the surface on which they stand.

  • effective resonance suppressor Air damping
    rubber contact surface Max. load bearing capacity 20 kg
    Solid metal
  • Height 36 mm
    Diameter 40 mm
    Material Full metal
    Maximum load capacity 20 Kg

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Air Cylinder 55052 4.00 Stck. Chrome
Air Cylinder 55053 4.00 Stck. gold