Our exclusive headphone stands

Discover our wide range of high quality headphone stands. All our models are designed to provide an ideal support for your over-ear headphones and enhance your environment with their exclusive design. Give your headphones a safe and proper place. All headphone stands are handmade. For this reason, each one is individually unique.

In Silencio

The big quiet brother

Our model In Silencio is a modified form of the original Oehlbach head. This model is intended to symbolize the attributes of enjoying music. Thanks to the size of this model, even very large headphones can easily find a safe place here. As with all of our headphone stands, your headphone stands will be minimally stressed. This headphone stand is available in white and black.

35404_In-Silencio_hb_33 35404_In-Silencio_hb_33
35405_In-Silencio_hb_66 35405_In-Silencio_hb_66

In Extasio Unlimited

The perfect headphone stand for your large headphones

Our In Extasio Unlimited is the successor of the very popular In Extasio model. The successor model is a little larger than its predecessor. For this reason, this headphone stand is also suitable for larger headphone models. The head is handmade and finished with a high quality lacquer. The model comes in the classic colors of black and white, which do not go out of fashion. The head is very sturdy and provides a secure hold, even for heavier headphone models. The special shape of the head puts minimal stress on the pads of your headphones and they are skillfully highlighted by the unusual design of the In Extasio Unlimited.

35403_In-Extasio_hb_66-33 35403_In-Extasio_hb_66-33
35402_In-Extasio_03_33 35402_In-Extasio_03_33

In Anniversario

Our small model

Our model In Anniversario is ideal for small headphones. This model is handmade and has an exceptional and elaborate finish. This model also provides a secure hold for your headphones that does not stress the shape of your over-ear or on-ear headphones.

35406_Aniversary_03_33 35406_Aniversary_03_33
35406_Aniversary_04_66 35406_Aniversary_04_66

In fascenatio

The first female head in the Oehlbach range

Based on our historic Oehlbach model, this headphone stand is also handmade and of the highest quality. In Fascenatio is the first female headphone stand in the range. This model is available in black and in white.

35441_In-Fascenatio_02_66 35441_In-Fascenatio_02_66
35440_In-Fascenatio_03_33 35440_In-Fascenatio_03_33

Splendor of colors

Our Oehlbach In Extasio Unlimited Plus Collection

Our colorful Oehlbach heads are 100 percent handmade and Made in Germany. These models bring a new zest to your living room and enhance your surroundings with their unique design and high-quality finish.

35422_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_33 35422_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_33
35419_In-Extasio-Unlimited-Plus_hb_66 35419_In-Extasio-Unlimited-Plus_hb_66
35420_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_66 35420_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_66
35418_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_33 35418_Scream-Unlimited-Plus_hb_33

The In Extasion Unlimited Plus models are painted with high-quality RAL paints in Germany. This makes the paint particularly robust and durable. You have the choice between the extravagant models in gold and silver or yet the colorful models in fire red or traffic lane purple. Of course, we also have a more classic model in graphite gray. The unusual colors make your headphone stand a real eye-catcher and your on- or over-ear headphones are skillfully put in the spotlight. The In Extasio Unlimited Plus models is ideal for medium and large headphones.

Looking for something classic?

Discover our classic headphone stands

In addition to our Oehlbach heads, we also have classic headphone stands as well as wall and table mounts.