Nice and sharp - The Oehlbach DVB-T2 Antenna Flat Style One

Picture credits: Adobe Stock © saicle
The bar was high when the development of the new Oehlbach DVB-T2 antenna Flat Style One started. After all, Oehlbach´s bestseller - the Scope Vision indoor antenna - won the test at Stiftung Warentest a good two years ago with a smooth "Very Good", leaving 13 other antennas tested behind. To make very good things even better - that was the task and here is the result. With the Flat Style One, Oehlbach now presents another top model of its Home Cinema DVB-T2 antennas with the latest technology for outstanding reception quality in digital terrestrial television, packaged in a unique design.

Better television

Flat Style One makes it possible

The transition to DVB-T2 or DVB-T2 HD, the new standard for digital terrestrial television with a larger program offering and high-definition picture quality in full HD, was completed in early 2019. HD reception of around 40 public or private programmes is now possible almost everywhere without a satellite dish or cable connection. The Flat Style One television antenna with its newly developed 360-degree reception system gets the most out of the new television offering. It receives horizontal and vertical television signals simultaneously and therefore does not need to be readjusted after the short installation, which only takes a few minutes.

Equipped for first class reception

Thanks to this omnidirectional receiver and a maximum low-noise reception module with active amplifier, the antenna has all the features for outstanding HD reception of DVB-T2. Even in places where the structural environment or topography weakens the TV signal, this Oehlbach TV antenna for DVB-T2 HD can still bring a clear, interference-free picture to your TV set. To do this, simply connect the Oehlbach Flat Style One to your DVB-T2 receiver or a television with integrated receiver. You do not have to pay attention to special compatibility. The new Oehlbach indoor antenna supports external and internal DVB-T2 receivers of all brands. A power supply unit for the active indoor antenna is included.

(Un)strikingly elegant

With the Flat Style One television antenna for HD reception, the name is program and explains itself at first glance. Modern design, elegant and timeless: With a finely designed surface structure in black or white, colour-matched offset and a depth of only 20 millimetres, this DVB-T2 HD antenna is a slim eye-catcher. Or not, because the design fits just as unobtrusively into any ambience in bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms. The 280 millimetre wide and 200 millimetre high Oehlbach antenna discreetly hides its powerful technology and looks like another decorative living accessory. You can quickly set up the HD antenna on your TV board, shelf or other furniture using the metal stand provided. Or you can opt for simple wall mounting.

Well thought out in every detail

Crystal clear and pin sharp

Full HD antenna television will accompany you for many years to come. The Oehlbach Flat Style One HD antenna is designed to ensure the best reception for just as long. Therefore, all contacts are 24 carat gold plated for extra durability and high corrosion resistance. But what good are the best connections if the cables are too short? That´s why the Flat Style One from Oehlbach always comes to you with a 1.8 meter long antenna cable. This gives you more freedom to set up this HD TV antenna optimally in your home and then enjoy antenna TV again and again in perfect picture and sound quality. (M.H.)