Stiftung Warentest judges "very good": Top mark of 1.1 and test victory for DVB-T2 HD Antenne Scope Vision from Oehlbach


Top marks for the Oehlbach Scope Vision - in all areas: "Very good" and a grade of 1.1 is the result of the Stiftung Warentest for the compact DVB-T2 HD antenna from German development. The antenna from the house of Oehlbach is thus the test winner against 13 competitors, some of whom are significantly larger, more unwieldy or more expensive. The scores in the individual sections are also impressive: Scope Vision achieves 1.0 (very good) in reception, 1.7 (good) in handling and 1.5 (very good) in processing. This means that the antenna from Oehlbach not only wins the entire test, but also achieves the respective top mark in each individual category.

Now it is official: The Oehlbach Scope Vision, a compact DVB-T2 HD antenna, is not only very good on paper, but also in practice! This is confirmed by the renowned Stiftung Warentest in its current issue (2/2017). Oehlbach Scope Vision not only secured the outstanding rating "very good" (grade 1.1), but also prevailed as test winner against 13 other products.

Top marks in all areas for Oehlbach Scope Vision

Whether in reception (1.0 - very good), handling (1.7 - good) or processing (1.5 - very good): the Oehlbach Scope Vision achieved the respective top marks in all areas of the test. The editors of Stiftung Warentest wrote in their conclusion about the compact antenna: "The winning antenna Oehlbach Scope Vision (50 Euro) provides television pleasure. It offers very good reception and can be set up and aligned effortlessly." The greatest influence on the overall result was logically the reception values of the antennas. In this important area, the Scope Vision effortlessly prevailed even against sometimes much larger, more unwieldy or more expensive models.

Praise for easy handling and flexibility

In addition to DVB-T2 HD reception, the editors of Stiftung Warentest also attached great importance to quality workmanship as well as installation and handling. With its long antenna cable (3.1 meters) and flexible power supply via power supply unit or USB cable, Oehlbach Scope Vision also impressed the testers in this area. The manual and assembly instructions, the commissioning as well as the installation and alignment of the antenna also received consistently positive ratings in the report. The Oehlbach Scope Vision indoor antenna thus offers the ideal combination of excellent reception and easy handling.

Perfectly prepared for the DVB-T2 HD conversion with Oehlbach

With Oehlbach´s Scope Vision, customers are perfectly prepared for the transition from DVB-T to DVB-T2 HD, which will take place in the course of 2017: The compact indoor antenna already offers perfect reception values for both transmission types and can continue to be used unchanged after the conversion. According to an independent test by Stiftung Warentest, the antenna from the Oehlbach 3-star category already offers outstanding reception performance. For extremely demanding reception situations or for customers who prefer an alternative design, there are even more antennas in the Oehlbach portfolio.