Undisturbed sound experiences with phono accessories from Oehlbach

Shutterstock © Cls Graphics
More and more music lovers are getting a taste for vinyl and are realizing how incomparable the musical enjoyment of vinyl is. But it is only with the right accessories that vinyl sound becomes an exquisite pleasure. At Oehlbach you will find everything that makes listening to fine vinyl records unique. Whether you are a collector or a newcomer to the fascinating world of vinyl records, our phono accessories are technically and visually of the highest quality and will also inspire you.

Our high-quality tonearm scale Tracking Force prevents the slightest deviation from the optimal tonearm position and ensures a perfect musical experience. Every grain of dust, no matter how small, impairs the hearing sensation. The soft Pro Phono nylon record brush with a chic real wood insert removes even the smallest dust particles and is gentle on your favorite records.

No record has ever been or will be marketed without a protective inner cover. Over the years, however, the inner covers of numerous collections have suffered. At Oehlbach you will find adequate replacements and can listen to your vinyl treasures for a long time without regret. Our LP Protect record sleeves have been specially developed for the needs of vinyl records and provide reliable and lasting protection.

Our smart 420 gram record weight Phono Weight should also be on the shelves of record lovers. It gives records the correct pressure so that they rotate on the platter without vibration, the bass sounds precise and the volume full.

Put your music lessons to the test and embellish your music lessons with this and other high-quality phono accessories from Oehlbach. You will hear the difference.