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Oehlbach Phono accessories

The good old turntable and music on vinyl are very trendy. More and more music lovers are giving in to their passion again in a classical way and have the turntable turn for it. The optimal rotation, the perfect support of the tonearm and some other factors are important to achieve maximum quality of music enjoyment. Even the finest nuances can change the sound fundamentally. In any case, it is worthwhile for your sound experience if you tickle the right nuances out of your turntable. You can even do this quite easily, because Oehlbach helps you with professional phono accessories for tuning your turntable.

Tonearm balance

Tracking Force

For the perfect enjoyment of a record, fractions of a gram are required. Even the slightest deviation from the optimum contact force of the sound carrier of your turntable makes audible differences in sound. Oehlbach has developed the Tracking Force tonearm scale so that you can easily find the ideal tuning of your device. Under a stainless steel front it works digitally with the highest precision and an accuracy of ± 0.01 grams. The Oehlbach Tracking Force Tonearm Scale makes it easy for you to balance a tonearm weight - with simple operation, convenient control buttons and a large, easy-to-read display.

Record Brush

Pro Phono Brush

Dust on vinyl records and in the record grooves no longer has a chance of spoiling the listening pleasure of your favourite records. With the Oehlbach Pro Phono Brush record brush you can wipe it away quickly and gently for the records. An ergonomically shaped stainless steel handle gives you perfect control with every movement. Soft brushes made of durable nylon in a real wood insert then clean the record and grooves as gently as reliably from dust and other small impurities for an undisturbed sound experience. Don't let just any brush touch your valuable record collection. Leave your vinyl to just one - the Oehlbach Pro Phono Brush record brush.

Record inner sleeves

LP Protect

Protect all your vinyl records reliably from stains, scratches and dirt with these 12 inch Oehlbach LP Protect record sleeves. With a strong grammage of 80 g/m² they offer flexible, reliable protection for all big vinyl treasures. Now you can easily replace old or broken sleeves with the new Oehlbach LP Protect - 20 pieces included.

Panel weight

Phono Weight

This small weight should not be missing in any record cabinet. The Oehlbach Phono Weight record weight gives all your records the right pressure so that they lie firmly and vibration-free on the turntable and can unfold their full sound undisturbed. A solid 420 grams of weight packed in a black aluminium alloy make the audible difference. A soft pad protects the labels and records at all times. Simply a round thing for better sound and more precise basses: the Oehlbach Phono Weight platter weight.

Panel weight with integrated spirit level

Balance Checker

The Oehlbach Balance Checker ensures less oscillation or vibration for every record size and thus improves the sound and tone of your vinyl in the long term. Especially the bass reproduction benefits with much more precision. Made of lightweight solid aluminium, this record weight weighs just enough for a vibration damping effect, but not too much so that the motor and bearings of your turntable are not damaged. With the integrated level indicator you can check if the turntable is adjusted correctly and correct it easily if necessary. A massive Oehlbach phono accessory for massive good sound.

Water Scale

Balance Checker Light

The Oehlbach Libelle helps all vinyl lovers to precisely adjust their turntable for optimal sound. Our vial is a high-precision spirit level that reliably indicates the vertical alignment of a turntable on two axes. This vial is much more than an ordinary spirit level. Oehlbach has specially adapted it for use with a record player: it is light, has a finely tuned display and is very easy to use. For maximum vinyl listening pleasure, the small, round Oehlbach vial should not be missing from any record collection.

Stroboscope disc

Speed Check

With the Oehlbach Speed Check Stroboscope Disc you get an exact tool to check the platter speed of your turntable and tune it to maximum sound. A Speed Check is very easy to perform under lighting with 50 or 60 Hz mains frequency. The exact scaling on the Oehlbach Speed Check Stroboscope Disc shows you immediately and reliably whether the turntable of your turntable always maintains the respective speed of 331/3, 45 or even 78 revolutions per minute.

Phono preamplifier

XXL Phono PreAmp Ultra

The distortion-free and low-noise preamplifier with solid aluminium front and high-quality 24 carat gold-plated contacts is perfectly suited for connecting moving magnet and moving coil pickup systems. A relay circuit protects sensitive HiFi components from voltage peaks during start-up. The XXL® Phono PreAmp Ultra weighs almost 1kg and is powered by an external power supply.

Phono preamplifier for MM / MC

Phono PreAmp Pro

The Phono PreAmp Pro from Oehlbach integrates your turntable with MM or MC pickup into existing high-quality HiFi components without a dedicated phono input. The low-noise preamplifier is equipped with gold-plated contacts and guarantees a stable and secure connection between the phono unit and the hi-fi system. Equipped with an external power supply, the Phono PreAmp Pro weighs just 100g and, thanks to its compact design, can easily fit into any hi-fi rack. The individual components are connected via analogue stereo RCA connectors.

Analog to Digital Signal Converter

AD Bridge

The Oehlbach AD Bridge is used for high-quality conversion of an analog-electrical signal into a digital signal. After conversion, the audio signal fed in via stereo RCA can be output either via the digital coaxial output or via the optical TOSLINK interface; the sampling rate is 96 kHz. Precise and stable Cirrus Logic Chips are responsible for the high-quality A/D conversion.

Galvanic audio separation filter

Audio Linear 8

The Audio Linear 8 galvanic filter effectively eliminates potential interference when connecting all components, such as a turntable or subwoofer. Oehlbach has perfected the filter technology through years of experience and technological advantage and stands for absolutely loss-free and unprocessed forwarding of the audio signal for optimal reproduction and maximum music enjoyment. The Audio Linear 8 acts as a galvanic isolation filter and reliably and effectively eliminates all sheath currents.

Phono NF audio RCA cable with additional ground wire

Silver Express Plus

Excellently processed, pre-assembled phono RCA cable with additional ground wire for connecting a record player to an amplifier. Due to the coaxial construction and the silver-plated strands of the inner conductor, this high-quality Oehlbach cable provides for particularly transparent high-frequency transmission, while at the same time - due to the OFC copper used - a room-filling bass performance is guaranteed. A 24 carat gold-plated metal RCA plug ensures perfect contact and good haptics.