Our high-quality hifi power strip 'Powersocket 907 MKII' is the further developed successor of the popular Powersocket 907.
Its brushed aluminum housing not only looks classy, but also makes the Powersocket very robust.
All eight sockets, divided into two groups that can be switched on and off separately, have phase marking to guarantee that the devices are connected in the correct phase.

The Powersocket 907 MKII at a glance:

> High-quality processed multiple socket.
> 8 sockets, 4 digital (filtered) and 4 analog (unfiltered)
> USB Power Charger with two USB sockets (USB-A and USB-C) with a total power of 65 watts.

The USB Power Charger has a USB-A and a USB-C port, with a total power of 65 watts.
Through it, laptop and notebook can charge at full speed without power adapter, only the USB-C cable.
Besides, the PA (Power Delivery, an improved fast-charging function) function of cell phone can be maximized by the 65 watts of the power bank.
No extra USB power adapter or power bank is needed anymore.

Why are there filtered and unfiltered sockets on the Powersocket 907?

Current is output in waves (upper illustration). However, this current sometimes has disturbances (lower representation) which are passed on to the device what is plugged in during the output. This can cause interference in the equipment.
With our filtered sockets, the interference is filtered out before it is passed on to the device.

Filtered sockets therefore ensure that interference is avoided and that the devices are guaranteed to work properly.

- That was our new Powersocker 907 MKII -.

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