High Speed MP

High Speed HDMI cable with ethernet

Top-class HDMI® cable made from highly pure HPOCC copper. A special clearly recognizable OEHLBACH colour code for the inner conductors and diameters adapted to the ProIn HDMI® plugs now for the first time make the self-assembly of these cables easy – HDMI® cables can now at last be easily run through empty conduits. A dense shielding made from oxygen-free copper reliably blocks out external interference. The currently highest possible resolution of 1080p may be realized at distances of up 15 m. This means that the cable can help solve the problems that arise in many home-cinema installations.

Signal Type

  • Video
  • Audio

  • triple shielding Robust plastic sheathing
    HPOCC® - mono-crystalline oxygen-free copper inner conductor
  • Inner conductor layout 1 x 0.5 mm
    Cable sheathing plastic
    Shielding quantity triple shielding
    Inner conductors: quantity 5 pairs
    Insulation: thickness 0.42 mm
    AWG 24
    Insulation: material Foamed HDPE
    Minimum bending radius 53 mm
    Flame test UL VW-1
    Outer sheath: thickness 1,15 mm
    Inner conductor material 24 carat gold plated pins
    Shielding material 2 x aluminium foil + 1 x copper braid
    Outer cable diameter 8,8 mm
    Length 1

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
High Speed MP 8002 50.00 Blue