Opto MP

Digital optic cable

Optical cables are first choice – particularly over greater distances – when digital audio signals are to be perfectly protected from electromagnetic interference. They may also be used, for example, in damp rooms thanks to the fact that they do not corrode and that they may be used throughout a large temperature bandwidth. Their very small bending radius of just 24 mm means that ProIn Opto cables are also great for confined spaces.

Signal Type

  • Audio

Signal Direction

  • Bi-Directional

  • halogen free Robust plastic sheathing
  • Inner conductor layout 1 x 1,02 mm
    Cable sheathing plastic
    Inner conductors: quantity 1
    Insulation: thickness 0.60 mm
    Outer diameter 4.0 mm
    Insulation: material PE
    Minimum bending radius 24 mm
    Flame test UL VW-1
    Outer sheath: thickness 0.85 mm
    Inner conductor material Fiber-Optic
    Outer cable diameter 4.0 mm
    Length 1

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
Opto MP 8030 150.00 Blue