SC-2 150 MP

Loudspeaker cable, halogen-free

Installation loudspeaker cable made from oxygen-free copper for cabling all kinds of PA systems and hi-fi systems. The 0.254 mm thick individual wires and the signal conductors have been twisted together to produce the best sound characteristics. The conspicuous colouring makes it easy to clearly identify this cable in cable channels. Stereo loudspeaker cable with 2 x 1.5 mm cable cross-section.

Signal Type

  • Audio

Signal Direction

  • Bi-Directional

  • Stereo speaker cable For amplifier performances of up to 110 watts
    halogen free Robust plastic sheathing
    OFC – oxygene free copper Ultra-thin individual wires
    highly flexible cable
  • Inner conductor layout 32 x 0.235 mm
    Cable sheathing plastic
    Inner conductors: quantity 2
    Insulation: thickness 0.42 mm
    Insulation: outer diameter 2.0 mm
    AWG 20
    Insulation: material Foamed PE
    Minimum bending radius 27 mm
    Flame test UL VW-1
    Outer sheath: thickness 1.1 mm
    Inner conductor material HPOCC®
    Outer cable diameter 7.2 mm
    Length 1

Color Variants

Designation Art. No. Unit Colour
SC-2 150 MP 8120 300.00 pink