Record player

All about the vinyl trend

Vinyl is back in fashion.
That's why we want to help you learn the most important basics about record players with this leg entry.

Let's start with the basics - What are the different types of turntables?



"The Classic"

- The tonearm and needle are placed on the groove of the record by hand and are also returned by hand at the end of the record side.
- Fewer components result in less vibration and a cleaner sound, but the record can be scratched more quickly if care is not taken.



The tone arm and needle are placed on the groove manually, but are automatically returned at the end of the record side.


Fully automatic

'The Comfortable'

- Tonearm and needle sit down on the groove by themselves and also move back by themselves at the end. Therefore prevents damage to the record, which could be caused by the resting needle at the end of the outlet groove.
- Protects the record, but is more prone to failure due to the many parts installed.

The right cables

A record player is usually connected via the "phono input". If the amplifier or receiver has a phono input, a preamplifier is always integrated as well. If there is no phono input, a preamplifier must be connected, for example our Phono PreAmp Pro.

To connect the turntable via the phono input, an audio RCA cable with grounding should be used, for example under Phono NF Audio RCA Cable


To enjoy your records and turntable as long as possible, we recommend regular cleaning.

The Oehlbach spray cleaner with microfiber cloth LSC-50 is perfect for the exterior care of all smooth surfaces.

With the Oehlbach Pro Phono Brush record brush dust on records and in the record grooves is no longer a problem.
- Soft brush made of nylon
- Real wood handle
- Durable, lint-free and hand-washable
- Ensures an undisturbed sound experience


Now we have reached the end of the basics on the subject of record players.
We hope we could give you a little insight into the world of vinyl.

If you have any further questions or need advice, please feel free to contact us at infoline@oehlbach.de by mail or by phone at 02203 2974 - 700