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Shutterstock © Vadim Ovchinnikov

Shutterstock © Vadim Ovchinnikov

With the Select Link cable connections for audio and video you will find a new dimension of quality from Oehlbach in selected specialist shops. These connections define themselves with their selected special components and their careful coordination to an uncompromising statement for excellent picture and sound quality. The spectrum of your possibilities with the cable connections of the Select Link series spans almost the entire history of home entertainment: starting with an Audio Jack jack plug for cable connections as in the great age of analogue sound, through to the ultra high-speed HDMI® cable for the future in brilliant high-resolution pictures. In addition, you will find Select Link cables for standard connections such as an antenna connection or for wishes such as an optical connection or the optimal connection of an active subwoofer. With every Select Link cable you have the choice between different lengths for a flexible, individual setup of your home entertainment system. The Select Link series with all cables will be available at selected specialist dealers by mid-July 2020.

Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable

Video Link

Designed for the images of the future in breathtaking 8K sharpness: With the ultra high-speed HDMI® cable Select Video Link from Oehlbach, you're ready today for image resolutions of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels - four times higher resolution with even more detail and depth of field than you're already used to from 4K or UHD. But even without a suitable 8K screen, this Oehlbach HDMI® cable sets standards that are worth seeing, for example with 4K at up to 120 Hz. With a high-quality OFC conductor, triple shielding, 24 carat gold-plated all-metal plugs and 100 percent contact surface, we build every Oehlbach Select Video Link cable for maximum picture and sound quality - and also in different lengths always suitable for your home entertainment system.

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Audio RCA cable

Audio Link

An audio RCA cable is one of the classics in home entertainment and still has countless applications today. The cable has remained basically the same for decades, but expectations of its sound quality have risen significantly. To meet these high expectations for precise, clean sound, we developed the Oehlbach Select Audio Link cable with two RCA plugs to two RCA plugs - including 24 carat gold-plated connections made of full metal with 100 percent contact surface and high-quality cable material. This creates the lowest possible resistance during signal transmission and thus the prerequisite for optimum audio quality and a sound image that will open your ears.

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Subwoofer Cinch cable

Sub Link

With the Oehlbach Select Sub Link cable your active subwoofer gets the optimal connection to your home entertainment. In various lengths, it can be used in the car for connecting bass rollers or power amplifiers. For all cases, we have developed an oxygen-free copper inner conductor with a particularly wide cross-section, which is specially designed for the optimum transmission of low bass frequencies. Here you can hear powerful, precise bass, which, thanks to effective shielding, cannot be affected by external signal interference. Nevertheless, this massive, robust cable remains very flexible and can be laid just as flexibly. The 24 carat gold-plated RCA connectors with 100 percent contact area also provide the right finish for optimum bass and sound quality.

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Stereo audio cable, 3.5 mm jack

Audio Jack Link

With the Oehlbach Select Audio Jack Link Cable we have given the classic audio stereo cable a new, powerful update. Make your favourite music a feast for the ears with this 3.5 millimetre jack cable. We have selected every single component of this cable for maximum audio enjoyment: a high-quality OFC conductor effectively shielded by dense copper braiding, a flexible yet durable, robust cable sheath and two 24 carat gold-plated jack plugs made of full metal with 100 percent contact surface. This cable is pure German Technology and Oehlbach quality for every audio connection with jack plug. Your ears have now earned this.

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Audio stereo cable, 3.5 mm jack / Cinch

Audio Jack RCA Link

The connection of a cinch connector to a jack plug is a frequently used audio connection. The Select Audio Jack RCA Link cable creates it for you in excellent Oehlbach quality for a listening pleasure at premium level. For example, connect your computer or record player to the hi-fi system or sound system for maximum sound with external speakers instead of simple PC speakers. Our Oehlbach Select Audio Jack RCA Link cable has everything you need for an exceptional sound experience: inside, a heavily shielded OFC conductor in a flexible, extremely durable cable sheath and 24 carat gold-plated connectors with 100 percent contact surface - 2x RCA to 3.5 millimetre jack. So that you don't have to make any compromises in your installation, the Oehlbach Select Audio Jack RCA Link cable is available in various lengths to suit many application solutions.

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Optical digital cable

Opto Link

Every day we at Oehlbach work on getting as close as possible to the perfect picture or sound in home entertainment. This is exactly what our customers expect from us and with the Select Opto Link cable - Toslink on Toslink - we meet these expectations. The highly flexible conductor, which can digitally transmit an incredible amount of detailed audio information, makes it possible. We have refined this optical fibre in the Oehlbach Opto Link cable once again with many details for maximum transmission quality: 24 carat gold-plated Toslink connectors made of full metal with 100% contact area set new standards for optical audio cables.

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Digital antenna cable

Antenna Link

Oehlbach Select Antenna Link is the ideal antenna cable for digital antenna television DVB-T2, digital radio DAB+ or classic cable television. Each of these Select Antenna cables in different lengths has the appropriate IEC connections with coupling and plug for simple, fast connection. Afterwards you will experience in picture and sound what Oehlbach quality means. An OFC conductor, well protected all around by aluminium foil and copper braiding with 120 dB shielding capacity, 24 carat gold-plated connections made of full metal and a 100% contact surface create perfect entertainment for you day after day, again and again, while watching television or listening to the radio. This is how the entire 45 years of Oehlbach experience and many innovations with German Technology become a unique entertainment experience.

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Digital satellite cable

Antenna F Link

Simply get more quality for picture and sound for satellite TV, for some cable connections or your internet router with this Oehlbach Select Antenna Link F cable. A multiple shielding of aluminium foil and copper braiding around a high-quality OFC conductor reliably protects your entertainment enjoyment here from all external influences, interference and signal contamination. At its ends, this cable then finds a safe and quick connection with two F-connectors in the well-known Oehlbach quality. 24 carat gold-plated full metal with 100 percent contact surface finally gives the Oehlbach Select Antenna Link F cable the optimal finish for the finest entertainment experiences in your home.

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