Enjoy the future now with resolution up to 8K UHD

Flex Evolution & Black Magic MK II UHS HDMI Cable

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Oehlbach-Black-Magic-MKII-8K-HDMI-Cable-News-07-2020 Oehlbach-Black-Magic-MKII-8K-HDMI-Cable-News-07-2020
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Flex Evolution - Experience the next generation of entertainment

The future of entertainment has long since begun. TVs with 8K Ultra HD and the new console generation are moving in with more and more people. With the Flex Evolution Ultra High-Speed HDMI® cable, Oehlbach provides the optimal accessory for maximum enjoyment of the new age of entertainment. But this Ultra High-Speed HDMI® cable from Oehlbach, officially certified by the HDMI Organization, has even more to offer than 8K at 50 or 60 Hz. Of course, it also gets the most out of other resolutions and convinces with brilliant 4K at 120 Hz or in the sound range with Dolby Atmos.

Clever kink protection with German patent

The installation of many home entertainment systems is very tight. Kinked cables are not uncommon. But this increases the risk of cable breakage. The Oehlbach Flex Evolution Ultra High-Speed HDMI® cable has a specially developed patented kink protection that prevents such cable breaks and at the same time shortens the connector housing to make it even more flexible for tight connection options.


The successor of our top seller - now also UHS certified up to 8K

The home entertainment of the future shines in 8K Ultra HD. 8K images show you four times the UHD resolution. This requires high-performance cable connections like the Oehlbach Ultra High Speed HDMI® Cable Black Magic MKII. It meets all the requirements for tomorrow's image or sound transmissions. With a bandwidth of 48 Gbit/s, it transmits breathtaking 8K images with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels at 60 Hz, so you are already perfectly equipped for the new console generation. But even without the right TV or 8K movies, series or games, you already benefit from this Oehlbach Black Magic MKII Ultra High Speed HDMI® cable. Because where many HDMI cables transmit 4K images only with 60Hz refresh rate, the Black Magic MKII even manages 4K with 120Hz - perfectly suited, for example, for the connection of gaming monitors or TVs and video games with high frame rate.



The plug design and color scheme are simply stunning and accentuate any home entertainment installation. Inside behind the PVC-free, soft and flexible thermoplastic rubber coating, you can rely on the finest Oehlbach technology. This starts with the high-quality inner conductor made of OFC copper, which is protected from interference by a triple shielding, and ends with the HDMI® connector plugs gold-plated with 24 carat for optimum signal transmission - plus the unique kink protection patent.