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Better audio quality for voice control hardware: wire(les)s by Oehlbach

Voice control hardware conquers your home. Online retailer Amazon in particular has gained a strong foothold with two smart products, pioneering the field. The smaller of the two variants boasts a low entry level price and waives the integrated high-quality speakers in turn. If you still strive for room filling high-end sound especially for music and audio book playback, you find the solution in the portfolio of wire and electronics specialist Oehlbach: via high-quality 3.5 mm mini jack I-Connect J-35 or via Bluetooth receiver BTX 1000.

Controlling your smart home or the sound system, using it as a knowledge database, personalised news service, weather report, interactive cookbook and so much more: Voice controlled products have become marketable, save us work every day and add convenience. Amazon provides two products in this field, one of which features an enticing entry-level price, opting for a smaller integrated speaker in return. If you still want your favourite music to completely fill the room, you will appreciate the easy integration of external playback devices. Electronics and cable expert Oehlbach delivers useful high-quality accessories.


Top-notch sound with Bluetooth receiver BTX 1000

If you already own one or more Bluetooth speakers, you can easily connect them to voice control hardware. This massively improves the experience with radio stations, audio books or your own playlists. With Oehlbach BTX 1000, every system featuring a 3.5 mm mini jack input or stereo cinch input is capable of the wireless convenience provided by Bluetooth. The compact receiver turns every sound system into a Bluetooth system – with impeccable sound quality due to aptX technology. At a suggested retail price of only 79.99 euros, users can enjoy high-quality audio playback, even if the voice control hardware does not provide it.


Connect your sound system via cables

Those who want to do without wireless technology and wire up their voice control hardware more classically find high-quality solutions from Oehlbach, too. The jack output allows to connect the Amazon products to a large number of sound systems. The latter merely need AUX input (3.5 mm mini jack) or a stereo cinch input. Connections via mini jack are covered by I-Connect J-35 by Oehlbach. It is available in lengths from .5 to 5.0 metres and can be purchased at suggested retail prices starting at 19.99 euros. The I-Connect J-35/R is available in lengths of 1.5 to 5.0 metres and can be purchased at suggested retail prices starting at 31.99 euros. It automatically adapts the mini jack signal to stereo cinch. Both wires are available in white or black.