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Perfect add-on for USB devices: Oehlbach presents high-end jitter-cleaner XXL MasterClock

Clean power and a perfect signal go hand in hand – this is what the new XXL MasterClock by Oehlbach stands for: This high-end jitter-cleaner provides a noise-free USB signal when connecting components thanks to its class 1 power supply unit and its gold plated contacts. The MasterClock is the perfect add-on for D/A or A/D converters, amplifiers and high-class USB speaker systems.

A clean power supply, free of noise or voltage fluctuations is essential for audiophile music reproduction. If you are relying on high pass filters and shielded cables, that's a good start. Especially digital signals will be treated with less care most of the time, although they have become increasingly important over the last years. And that’s exactly, where the Oehlbach XXL MasterClock comes into play. This high-end jitter-cleaner eliminates distortion from USB signals and provides a perfectly pure signal resulting and an instant upgrade of quality.

Not just refreshed but completely new

The XXL MasterClock does not bother to refresh an existing signal but rather generates a complete new one. This way the device makes sure that the outgoing signal can cope with even the most demanding audiophile standards, has an ultra-precise measure and is completely free of jitter. This is possible, amongst other factors, because of the high-end class 1 power supply unit. To make sure no data is lost when handing over the signal to a cable, the MasterClock additionally is equipped with gold-plated contacts for a perfect signal transition.

Compact, versatile, efficient

Thanks to its compact size of only 54 x 23 x 63 millimetres and its low weight of not more than 378 grams the XXL MasterClock can be placed very flexibly. This way the small metal brown box made of aluminium can be easily used exactly where it is needed: The MasterClock is the perfect add-on for amplifiers, A/D or D/A converters as well as high-class US speakers.