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Better Christmas gifts with Oehlbach

If you are still looking for a great Christmas gift, you can either spend a lot of money or just make another Christmas present even better. That is possible with the high-class Oehlbach products: Cables, DVB-T2 antennas or other high-end electronics products will unleash the full potential of TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and many other products. This way brand new and even old AV hardware will finally take their performance to the limit – and will put a big smile on their owners’ faces. Last but not least Oehlbach stands for uncompromising quality: All cables come with 30 years of warranty. Take Christmas to the max!

Electronic devices get more and more popular as Christmas gifts each year. Be it a new smartphone, a high-resolution TV, a stereo system, gaming console or whatever is on your loved one’s wish list. Many people even like to treat themselves to the latest gadgets for Christmas. If you are still looking for the perfect present for a friend or relative, you might find it in the right accessory: Only with the optimum accessories will new hardware unleash its full potential as the signal needs to be transferred between the different products in best possible quality. Electronics and cable specialist Oehlbach has an enormous portfolio to ensure exactly this: the perfect signal.


For music lovers

It’s not only about the Christmas carols: A high-class cable often makes a stereo system sound much better than before. Those who are seriously about HiFi will always be glad to receive a high-end cable as a present. Oxygen-free copper and a sophisticated shielding against external influences are the trademarks of all Oehlbach cables. This way the experts from Pulheim near Cologne guarantee that a pure, noiseless signal will get from the source to the speakers. The huge choice of cables and their high quality makes Oehlbach one of the first addresses for audiophiles – and they don’t even have to spend a fortune: The 3-star cable SP-7 is available at a price of just 12.99 euros for 10 meters of cable. Jack and cinch cables as well as handy accessories like banana plugs are also part of the huge Oehlbach portfolio. Finally, a rich choice of phono pre amps, D/A converters and headphone amplifiers, spikes, mains filters and many other components provide many choices for upgrading existing audio products.



For TV and home cinema fanatics

Home cinema owners know about the importance of high-class cables as well and will surely appreciate them as a Christmas present. In multi-channel surround systems, the audio signal often has to travel large distances. Because of that, a pure, noise-free signal is even more important. Cables for subwoofers, digital audio or HDMI transmission connect all other parts of the home cinema in high quality. Additionally, wireless transmitters like the Falcon HD (for HDMI signals) or Falcon Sub (for subwoofers) are available in the Oehlbach portfolio as well.

For the bet possible indoor TV reception, the Electronics experts from Pulheim also offer a high-quality selection of DVB-T2 HD antennas. While all of these provide outstanding signal reception, the Scope Vision stands out from the crowd: Available at an MSRP of only 49.95 euros, this antenna won the test by Germans highly regarded independent review magazine “Stiftung Warentest”.


For Gamers

Gaming – be it on a PC or gaming console – has long since become a loved hobby for grown ups as well. It connects men and women around the globe. No wonder that the equipment has evolved massively over the past years as well. To unleash the full potential of the hardware, Oehlbach offers a broad range of cables specifically tailored for gamers: HDMI cables provide the perfect signal transmission to the monitor or TV. Network cables guarantee a stable and fast connection while playing online games with friends. Almost all other components – from external drives to speakers – can today be connected via USB. That’s why Oehlbach offers a selection of USB cables covering even the most exotic types of USB cables – including the very latest USB C standard. Premium cables from Oehlbachs Evolution series featuring USB C connectors are available starting at 29.99 euros. 

For mobile fanatics

Especially younger people seem to be permanently attached to their smartphones and tablets. You may like this or not, but surely you will be their hero if your gift is a high-class accessories for their beloved mobile companions. Oehlbach has a rich portfolio of add-on products for mobile devices: Anti-Dust-Pins that cover the headphone outlet, high-end headphone cables, sturdy charging cables and many other items are available online and in stores. The extremely robust XXL® i-connect cable for example features a fabric cover and charges all recent iPhone models at home and while on the move. It is available at an MSRP of 32.99 euros and comes with a 30 year warranty – as all Oehlbach cables do.

For more power

A nice Christmas surprise that fits almost any electronics product can be found in the “Power” section of the Oehlbach portfolio: High-class multiple sockets – some even including mains filters, overvoltage protection and other extras – provide a stable and clean power supply for all connected devices. Flickering images or even feedback noise are a thing of the past with these products. The Powersocket 905 for example is a stylish, high-end device from this portfolio. It is available in black or white at an MSRP of 129.99 euros.