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Transmitting and receiving Bluetooth® audio in CD quality: Oehlbach presents wireless transceiver BTR 4.2

The Oehlbach BTR 4.2 makes old audio equipment capable of transmitting or receiving Bluetooth® audio: Working either as a transmitter or receiver, the BTR 4.2 provides high-end wireless sound to numerous devices like headphones, amplifiers or speakers – and in CD quality, thanks to aptX. Basically any product offering a 3.5 mm jack port or digital optical (Toslink) connection can benefit from the BTR 4.2. High-class cables, gold-plated contacts and an extremely compact size in an exquisite housing make the BTR 4.2 a Bluetooth product of its own class. The handy transceiver is available now in stores and online at an MSRP of 99.00 euros.

To enjoy music wirelessly but still in CD quality, people often need to change their beloved old audio equipment for expensive new gear. Oehlbach now offers a better solution: The 2-in-1 Bluetooth® transmitter and receiver BTR 4.2 provides wireless convenience for the tried and tested audio equipment. The compact transceiver can adapt to the customers requirements easily and instantly grants Bluetooth® functionality for all connected devices. 

Transmitter and receiver with versatile connectivity

The Oehlbach BTR 4.2 can be used either as a transmitter or as a receiver. Depending on the customer’s demands, the desired mode can be activated via an unobtrusive switch at the side of the housing. When used as a transmitter, the BTR 4.2 sends signals of connected sources to Bluetooth® headphones or speakers, for example. When used as a receiver, the BTR 4.2 makes Bluetooth® signals (maybe from a smartphone or tablet) available for connected devices like active speakers, amplifiers, or similar. The BTR 4.2 is equally versatile when it comes to cable connection: The integrated 3.5-mm jack port is one of the most common connections in the world. An additional adapter (included in the scope of delivery) makes the BTR 4.2 capable of even processing digital optical signals (Toslink). The integrated D/A converter offers 16Bit / 96kHz and the A/D converter works with up to 16Bit / 48kHz. 

Wireless transmission in CD quality thanks to Bluetooth® aptX

The BTR 4.2 does not sacrifice quality for convenience: It uses Bluetooth® 4.2 including aptX for all its wireless transmissions. Combined with Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo this guarantees a wireless audio transmission in CD quality – at distances of 20 metres and more! Another crucial point during development was latency: Oehlbach engineers optimised the product to guarantee less than 40 milliseconds of latency in the data transmission. To ensure that no data is lost on the last centimetres, all audio connections of the BTR 4.2 and included cables are gold-plated. 

Maximum performance, compact size

The BTR 4.2 offers a maximum of performance in an extremely compact housing: The transceiver is as light as 20 grams and only 33 x 62 x 12 millimetres small. Its unobtrusive, classy design and glossy white finish make the device suitable for any room. The scope of delivery includes the transceiver itself, a USB power cable with mains adapter, a 3.5-mm jack cable, a digital optical cable (Toslink) as well as an adapter from digital optical to 3.5-mm jack. The Oehlbach BTR 4.2 is available now in stores and online at an MSPR of 99.00 euros.