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Better DVB-T2 reception: Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor guarantees best results even under bad conditions

Those who have bad signal reception with DVB-T2 indoor antennas will be happy to hear these news: Oehlbach has developed the Scope Vision Outdoor which can be installed directly on the outside walls or the roof to be pointed in the perfect direction for the strongest signal. A completely weather-proof and UV-resilient housing protect the high class electronics components inside the antenna. An extremely low-noise signal amplifier and the outstanding overall quality provide the perfect TV signal: Full HD without cable TV or a satellite dish is available now for even more people thanks to the Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor. The high-class DVB-T2 antenna is available now in white and at the MSRP of 79.99 euro.

DVB-T2 becomes more and more common in wide parts of Europe. Anyhow: Those living too far away from the next broadcasting station will still suffer from bad or even no reliable signal for the aerial TV. Here the new Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor comes into play: Instead of inside the house, this high-class antenna can be installed on the outside for an even better signal reception. This way the beloved TV shows, blockbuster movies or sports events can be enjoyed hustle-free and in perfect quality. 

Outdoor installation

Living in an area with good signal coverage usually means an indoor DVB-T2 antenna will work perfectly to receive a stable signal – the Scope Vision indoor antenna, for example, would be perfect for the job. In areas with a weaker DVB-T2 signal, an outdoor antenna can be useful to improve the signal quality as it can be mounted directly on the wall or roof and be pointed in the ideal direction. The new Scope Vision Outdoor can be installed exactly like this or even works when placed on an even surface thanks to its versatile foot. The antenna has additionally been developed to withstand all outdoor conditions from rough weather to UV-light.

DVB-T2 including Full HD and DAB(+)-option

Placed in the ideal spot the Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor will deliver a perfect signal and Full HD resolution into the house. An extremely low-noise amplifier, 24-Karat gold-plated contacts and high class cables (included) guarantee high resolution Full HD images at all times. As an addition to the 3.0-meter antenna/USB cable (including USB mains adapter) the Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor comes with a versatile stand. This way it offers perfect signal reception and most flexible setup options. The antenna covers a frequency range of 470 to 870 MHz (UHF) and 47 to 230 MHz (VHF). It can receive DVB-T2 signals and standard definition DVB-T signals alike. Additionally DAB and DAB+ reception is possible with an optional adapter.

The Oehlbach Scope Vision Outdoor is available now in stores and online. It comes in white and the MSRP including VAT is 79.00 euro.