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Better sound thanks to high-class power sockets: Multiple sockets by Oehlbach reduce noise and ground loops

How can you keep your speakers from producing unwanted humming or crackling noises? Luckily, in most cases the speaker itself is not broken, but other nearby electronic devices are the cause of the interference. A high-class power socket can help, such as the multiple sockets from Oehlbach: The model 905 offers eight sockets and two USB power outlets, the models 907 and 908 come with separately filtered sockets and the high-end Powerstation 909 is the perfect choice for hifi and home cinema enthusiasts to ensure a stable, noise-free power supply. For those who want to optimise even the smallest details, Oehlbach offers special power cords as well: The XXL Powercord, for example, is double shielded and provides excellent results even in challenging conditions.

Better sound thanks to a clean power supply – opinions differ on this statement. In any case, the impact the power supply has on a hifi or home cinema setup greatly depends on the number of components involved: The more electronic devices, the more noise is generated on the power line. Shielded cables and high-class electronic components help a lot – as well as a matching power supply.

Eight sockets and a high-pass filter: Powersocket 905

New electronic products can add a lot to an existing audio setup: More convenience, more power or simply better quality. Sometimes, however, they add some unwanted things as well – humming, hissing or even ground loops. This is usually not a sign that the product is broken or that the speaker suddenly does not work properly anymore. It simply could be that the new product did add to much noise to the power supply. A quick solution may be to change the cabling, for example connecting some devices to further away power sockets.

If that is not possible, or if users want a more “holistic” solution, they can simply change their old multiple sockets for higher quality ones.

A good start is the high-class Powersocket 905 by Oehlbach. This device not only offers eight sockets and two USB power outlets but also comes with a surge protection and a high-pass filter. It is available at the MSRP of 129.00 euros and comes in black or white. 

Filtered sockets with phase markings: Powersocket 907 and 908

Those who have even higher standards concerning their power supply may want to take a look at the Powersocket 907 or even at the model 908. These high-class devices are intended to support home cinemas or hifi setups of matching quality. Thanks to their outstanding craftsmanship (the model 907 features inner conductors of 2.1 millimetres in diameter, the 908 offers even 3.3 millimetres) these multiple sockets provide an almost noise free power supply. Both products also have four filtered and four unfiltered sockets whereas the filtered ones come with additional phase markings. The Powersocket 907 is available in the colour anthracite and its MSRP is 249.00 euros The Powersocket 908 comes in silver at the MSRP of 359.00 euros. Both multiple sockets are equipped with a reliable surge protection to keep the connected electronics safe.


Perfect power supply, classy design: Powerstation 909

“No half measures!” is the motto of the Oehlbach Powerstation 909: this high-end multiple socket offers eight power sockets, all advantages of the model 908 and adds even more – such as classy design that makes the device look great in any environment. The Powerstation 909 offers 4 sockets with phase markings, including an unobtrusive signal to show whether the plug is connected in the right way. This way, negative influence from the power supply on the sound is reduced to a minimum. Additionally, the display on the front (which is made of brushed Aluminium) offers important information like power usage and voltage even on the first glance. If the display is currently not needed, the user can always decide to switch it off completely. The Oehlbach Powerstation 909 is available in the colours silver and black at an MSRP of 699.00 euros.

Optimization of even the slightest details: XXL® Powercord

Sometimes, a whole multiple socket is far too much: In many cases, the optimization of a single device’s power supply will do the job just as well. A high-class power cord can make a huge difference. If users want to be on the safe side, the XXL® Powercord by Oehlbach is always a great choice. This power cable features a high-end inner conductor and double shielding. This way, noise from the outside stands no chance to interfere with the power supply. The XXL® Powercord is available in lengths of 0.75 to 5.00 meters and starts at an MSRP of 199.00 euros.